Finding The Time

Thanksgiving is here tomorrow and with the lack of a football postseason my world came to a screeching halt a couple of weeks ago…and that’s fine by me. As stated in my last post I have entered the “real post game” period of time. I’ve already checked off most of the items on that list, and those not completed yet will be done by the end of next week. What has been interesting this year has been my ability to actually find the time for me. What a novel concept!

I made a decision not all that long ago to do my best to keep my head out of my ass. It can be quite challenging, and at times it can be almost impossible to achieve. Fortunately I have been diligent about “raising my helicopter” and recognizing when my cranium is approaching my rectum. That is when I stop, take a breath, grab a leash and a dog, and head to the local state park trails.

It requires a conscious effort to do this of course…as well as a good chunk of time if I take Joe. (If I take CJ it takes longer to get there than to actually walk her–love the old girl but she’s not up for 2 miles any more.) This is a good thing though–an hour with the pup and NO HEADPHONES seems to be just enough to recenter myself.

Yes I also hit the bike or the gym but there’s something about the trails in the woods.

There is a sense of peace out there. Your inner voice–you know the one that is SCREAMING AT YOU ALL THE BLOODY TIME–quiets down once you get out of the meadows and are enveloped by the first 20 yards or so of trees. You start to notice things:

  • The sound of your feet on the leaves
  • The sound of tree branches in the wind
  • The sound of birds and insects
  • The sound of the water in the nearby creek
  • The sound…..

You start to notice the sound of a world where all there is, is time.

I recall Mr. Malcolm Rowell (my college Wind Ensemble director) saying many years ago something to the effect that sometimes one needs to be in silence. As a 20 something college “I know everything there is to know about everything” student, I had no idea what he was talking about, I thought he was truly nuts, and I shrugged off the comment with typical cocky obnoxiousness. I get it now…..

There is far too much noise in our lives. Finding the time to be in silence, and to listen to what is truly around you is something everyone should do as often as possible. I would offer to have you join me on my next venture to the trails with one of my dogs but you need to do it yourself…with or without a dog.