The Bike That Goes Nowhere

I purchased a Peloton bike about two years ago. I had turned a big corner with regard to fitness and nutrition after a year of steady work to restructure and rewire my brain (and habits, and all that goes along with it). The bike arrived and I was instantly hooked….but something wasn’t right after a while.

I was riding every other day and going to the gym on the days between. Bike, pool, strength. Little by little recovery became harder in my right shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery was a year prior to clean out all the gunk and to give me some more space that arthritis was causing so what was wrong? As the weeks progressed I was losing strength and had to reduce the weight I was lifting. Then I had to modify HOW I was doing my strength workouts. Then I had to stop swimming. I was in denial but I knew it was time to find out the cause.

The back of the shoulder had collapsed upon itself and I was pure bone on bone. I took one look at the the x-ray and before my doc could say anything I said, “Mother Fucker.” Just like that. Outloud. I had seen enough of my x-rays over the years to know what was next: Total Shoulder Replacement.

To fast forward here a bit (because this post is NOT about the surgery), the replacement was a success. The recovery was brutal. I gained about 75% range of motion back in the first 5 months along with 20 of the 40 lbs I had lost. I lost interest in going to the gym because the pain was extraordinary, and my eating habits fell back into their old ruts. After 1 year post-op 30 lbs were back on and the beer consumption while watching Netflix was at an all time high. After 18-months post-op, the full 40 lbs was back on. My clothes no longer fit, I felt like total crap, and I had zero desire to do anything.

[Somehow with all of that on my mind…and body…I enjoyed one of the best marching band seasons of my career. Something was changing or perhaps I had finally had enough of it.]

The 2019 football season came to an end just before Thanksgiving. I took a deep breath on November 21st and dove into the world of Peloton. Soon I learned about Powerzone rides. I took my first FTP test on December 1st and thought I was going to die. But I didn’t! And a whole new world was laid out before me. I rode constantly on Christine D’Ercole‘s classes because if there was anyone who could teach DMA not knowing anything about it, it is her. I learned about “hands on your back,” “I am, I can, I will, I do,” and that I AM “bigger than a smaller pair of pants.”

I decided to finish 2019 with 1000 miles — I was close. I was in the low 600’s and I had 3+weeks to get it done. In December I rode 354 miles and ended the year with 1009 total miles. BOOM!

I took my second FTP test on January 3, 2020 and found I had increased by 30 watts–that’s nuts! It was time for my first PowerZone Pack Challenge as well as my first Pelofondo, but first a “live” ride in the studio in NYC was on my calendar!

So far I have pulled off a metric century in the Pelofondo and just started week 3 of the PZ Challenge. I’m averaging 20-25 miles 5 or 6 days a week and about 110 miles each week. The goal for 2020 is 5000 miles.

…and yes, those 40 lbs are starting to release themselves from my body again. 😘

This morning I saw a meme comparing two women in their 50’s. The first was the character Blanche Devereux (from “The Golden Girls”) and the other was J Lo from last night’s Superbowl Halftime show. While I am not J Lo, I am certainly not Blanche. I remember a time not all that long ago, when women in their 50’s were old. They dressed old, they carried themselves old, they looked old. By the time those women reached their 60’s there WERE old.

It is as much physical as it is mental and even emotional. We move in the direction we think….and I do not think I am old!

My bike that goes nowhere will be my best friend for the next month or two. As the weather begins to warm that bike will share the miles by one that DOES go somewhere as I hit the roads on the Bianchi and the trails on the Salsa.

It is, and will always be about CHOICE, LOVE, AND PASSION:

  1. CHOOSE something….ANYTHING.
  2. LOVE what it is you choose to do.
  3. Be PASSIONATE about it….every time you do it!