The impact you made is everlasting.

Today is a gray, rainy, dreary day. One in which you crawl into a ball on the couch with a good book in your hand and a dog lying next to you. There is a portion of me that has the UDMB senior class on my mind–it is finals and they are closing in on graduation.

But that post is for another day.

Today I am desperately trying to find the words to sum up the impact one particular person had upon the band program, hundreds of people, and me. I begin this knowing I will fail miserably, yet I will continue.

Sallyanne Mott. I met you as I meet all band parents–at a game because your son was a freshman in band. Somewhere along the way you let me know you liked to take pictures and would love to contribute to the band gallery on Flickr.

…you take pictures…perhaps the greatest understatement known to humankind! I take pictures. YOU are a photographer–BIG DIFFERENCE.

And so it began. Season after season of handing you a credential and you uploading hundreds of pictures after picking through the thousands you took. The ones uploaded HAD to be good. (…they were ALL good…) You made me promise that the students would be able to download them in their original size/format. Not like the compressed crap found on the internet. Promise kept.

Before beginning this I pulled up our full FB Messenger thread that began back in 2012. In between all the various excited messages about an upcoming game, excitement about photos that were taken, the usual “thanks” for whatever simple task you asked of me to do (and vice versa), there were quick statements about health issues. Each one was surrounded by positive thoughts and more than hopeful exclamatory statements. As I read each one I was in awe of your strength, outlook, and attitude. I “preach” it, but I struggle with it.

This morning I got a text from a former student about you. As has been the case with me these last few months, I was in the middle of a workout…but something made me pick up the phone anyway. I read the text and immediately got off the bike. I was soaked in sweat but I made a short video anyway. It, like this post, falls short. Horrifically short. But maybe that’s the point….maybe when you can’t come close to finding the words to express yourself it is because no words could ever capture the depth of gratitude one has. I hope so at any rate.

I don’t know if you will read this or if someone will read it to you. You need to know the impact you had on this program…on me. You need to know the example of SELF-LESSness you were to others. You need to know that that thankless job you did out of the love in your heart for the band never fell short on others.

Because of you and a simple scarf, you will forever have made the UDMB a better place, a stronger and more loving family.

I love you my friend. Always. #ForTheScarf