CJ Sarver: 6 weeks Post Op

Dear Dr. Black, I could have attached a video or 100 to an email but I thought you might enjoy this just a little more. CJ is doing AWESOME!!!! There is still a “hitch in her giddy up,” especially at the end of the day when she is tired. It does not interfere with anything […]

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10 Years

I had no plans to mark the 10 year anniversary of the passing of my best friend, George N. Parks, but I stumbled upon a video released today by another best friend, Robert Hammerton. And it is stunning… and it is relevant…and it is required watching for all UDMB Drum Majors (as well as anyone […]

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The Bike That Goes Nowhere

I purchased a Peloton bike about two years ago. I had turned a big corner with regard to fitness and nutrition after a year of steady work to restructure and rewire my brain (and habits, and all that goes along with it). The bike arrived and I was instantly hooked….but something wasn’t right after a […]

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Finding The Time

Thanksgiving is here tomorrow and with the lack of a football postseason my world came to a screeching halt a couple of weeks ago…and that’s fine by me. As stated in my last post I have entered the “real post game” period of time. I’ve already checked off most of the items on that list, […]

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The Real Post Game

Band banquet is a couple weeks away but that is merely the icing on the cake each year. The truth of the matter is that the UDMB season has come to a conclusion once again. I still have 100 (you read that number correctly) mini essays to read, as well as 40 or so music […]

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UDCG – So Proud!

25 years of directing the UDMB has given me the privilege of working with thousands of students. Yeah…thousands. Crazy but true. I have loved every band I’ve ever worked with. Every year the band has a different personality all based upon the personnel in the ensemble. You remove or add just one person and the […]

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Before Jim and I there was…

Brent King Brent was a senior our first year (1995) and became the UDMB’s official videographer. A position he holds to this very day! This season Brent took all of us down a 25 years memory lane of videos leading up to the big event this past Saturday evening. Sit back and enjoy them all […]

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