Band Banquet Videos

Every year, at the conclusion of each marching band season, I make a video.  Sometimes it’s one tune that encompasses the whole band and other times there are two tunes: one for the whole band and one just for the seniors.  The majority of the lyrics line up with the pictures in some manner–you have to listen carefully and look for the meanings.  Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is a reference only known to me.

Each year this is a labor of love.  Hours that turn into days because it has to be “just right.”  Why work so hard you ask? Because THEY, the band, is worth it.  I learned this not so very long ago from a very dear friend.

I never thought to post them and I am not sure why not.  I have no idea how many I will be able to upload…some are lost forever and others, well, are in VHS format that will require digital transfer.  Regardless, it seems to me that these are meant to be shared.

Heartfelt thanks to Sallyanne Mott, Don Clark, Stephanie Clark, Samantha Bisaro and all the other past UDMB photographers throughout the years.  (Oh, and yes, to all the bando Facebook photos I “borrowed.”)

So my friends, enjoy.  And oh yes, tissues may need to be close at hand…..