The Aftermath…and Game Day Redux

As I sit on the couch (clearly my blogging location of choice) with a cup of coffee (clearly my blogging beverage of choice) I find myself recounting virtually every last minute of yesterday’s…um….event. That is what I will call it: The Event. I call it that because frankly I don’t know what else to call […]

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The Night Before….

I’ve been at this “gig” at one location or another for 27 years…tomorrow will be the first game of my 20th season here at UD….and you know what? I’m like a little kid tonight! I’m all excited about another season. I’m all excited about introducing another class of Rookies to Delaware Stadium. I’m all excited […]

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DCA Weekend – Always Believe

Here I sit on my first weekend “off” since I’m honestly not sure when and my mind started to wander through the memories of my years in the Reading Buccaneers.  1983 – 1990.  Not the best ones for the corps by any stretch of the imagination, but for me they are cherished times that I […]

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