Don Jenness

Don Jenness - MICCA 1997

The UDMB has dedicated the 2009 season to the memory of Donald E. Jenness, Jr. who passed away March 21, 2009.  Donald (affectionately known as Donnie and Don-Don to the band) joined the UDMB professional staff in 1995 as part of a three-member team that included directors Heidi Sarver and James Ancona.  As Visual Coordinator Donald brought new ideas and fresh concepts to the design table.  He strove to challenge the students as well as the entire staff—never to take a step backward, but always to “think outside the box and try something new.”

Don retired to Massachusetts, his original home, in the spring of 2005 having celebrated his 10th anniversary with Sarver and Ancona.  In his own words, “It is time for someone else to play, to explore.  Time for someone else to see what they can create.”

After a short battle with pulmonary fibrosis Donald Jenness left the world of marching band, drum corps and colorguard at the age of 46.   He left his mark on his students, his peers, his colleagues and the world of pageantry, and he will be sorely missed.  Godspeed Donnie.