The UD Football Experience – the Immediate Future

A personal note from me to the UDMB and all members of the UD Blue Hen Nation (this includes the community, et al)–

What’s done, is done. At this moment and for the remainder of the season as well as the immediate future, it matters little how any of us feel regarding the firing of Coach Dave Brock.  There are only two things that matter:

  1. the constant and unwavering support of the UD Football Team;
  2. the constant and unwavering support for UD Football.

These are listed in my personal priority order.

We, the fans, tend to forget that college football players (college athletes for that matter) are STUDENTS…they are 18 – 22 year old YOUNG men (and women)! They attend classes side by side with REGULAR students. They are not any different than the average 20-year old who walks across The Green, grabs a coffee at Trabant, eats in the dining hall, or crams for an exam. They are, simply put, your typical college student with a gift/talent for competition utilizing an oblong projectile.

I know I am supposed to refer to the members of my band as “students,” but I am of that age that I see “kids.”  Yet, when I was their age I was ready to take on the world! I had responsibilities equal to almost every adult I knew, and certainly did not think of myself as a “kid.”  However—at this moment in time, the members of the UD Football Team are, indeed, kids.  Many are angry, upset, hurt, and confused. They do not know what the future holds for them.  They do know one thing however: they love UD Football—and we **MUST** support them!

I have been at the helm of the UDMB since 1995. I have been witness to the phenomenon called UD Football since 1984 when I was a member of the UMASS Minuteman Marching Band.  I was in AWE of the game day experience at UD!!!  Nothing like that existed at UMASS. Each time “Delaware” was placed on the UMMB schedule we were excited beyond belief because we KNEW it was going to be the best experience we had all year.

After that I would receive calls from the then director of the UMMB, George Parks, with regard to my show designs for his band:  “Heidi, it’s a Delaware year. You have to write your best!” And, of course, I did.  After that it was the 16 year relationship between the two bands — the likes of which no other bands will ever experience….ever.

My point is simple:  I LOVE UD FOOTBALL AND THE GAME DAY EXPERIENCE!  There is nothing like it out there.  A UD Football game day begins with tailgating 4 hours (or more) before kick off—complete with linen table clothes, bottles of wine, extraordinary meals, the lots filled with people wearing Blue and Gold, and the unique band “traditions” only found at UD:  parking lot parades, concourse parades, pregame, band members running the stands 3rd quarter, drum line concerts 3rd quarter under the East Stands, and of course, a full post game show.  If you know UD Football you know the 1st Down Cheer!

We, as the Blue Hen Nation, must remember that UD Football is a way of life! But more importantly, we must come together for the future of UD Football and for the future of these incredible young men.

All of us—whether UDMB members, cheerleaders, dance team members, mascots, current students, alumni, family members of any and all thus mentioned, University faculty, University staff, community members, donors, or just Blue Hen fans—simply **MUST** be there to cheer on these young men!  
They need us now more than they have ever needed us before!

I, for one, will be out there, making sure the UDMB rocks the house! I, for one, will be out there, cheering on the team. I, for one, will be out there, living the dream of UD Football.  I hope you will join me!