Every summer, at the majority of the workshops I teach–either with the Drum Major Academy or with Band Leadership Training–I teach a lesson this is essentially about getting to the center of life. It goes sort of like this: After a march off and the chaotic congratulations that is bestowed upon the winner, I ask […]

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Fixed Moments In Time

As my 30th year of being a band director comes to an end while immediately dovetailing into the start of my 31st year, it is time to be honest: very rarely do I find myself sitting and listening to music for the simple joy it brings. No, it’s always “This could be fun to do […]

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More Than ‘Just Enough’

We live during a time in the world when doing just enough is considered not only acceptable, but also a mark of achievement and success. Well…not me. “What’s next?” “How can we get better?” “What other experiences can I provide others?” “What other adventures are out there?” These are the questions I ask myself regularly. […]

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