Every summer, at the majority of the workshops I teach–either with the Drum Major Academy or with Band Leadership Training–I teach a lesson this is essentially about getting to the center of life. It goes sort of like this: After a march off and the chaotic congratulations that is bestowed upon the winner, I ask […]

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An Alumni Perspective

[Bob Baylis marched in the percussion section of the UDMB in 1984 – 1986.┬á We actually shared the infamous Tubby Raymond Field a few times when I marched with the UMASS Minuteman Marching Band.] I came across this post in my Facebook newsfeed a few moments ago. Instead of having him make it a public […]

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I Don’t Do “Goodbye”

UD Commencement was yesterday and I was driving back from a week of “doing nothing” in the Outer Banks. I have not attended commencement in a number of years…I can’t seem to bring myself to overcome the concept of the finality of it all for yet another group of magnificent men and women departing in […]

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