More Than ‘Just Enough’

We live during a time in the world when doing just enough is considered not only acceptable, but also a mark of achievement and success. Well…not me. “What’s next?” “How can we get better?” “What other experiences can I provide others?” “What other adventures are out there?” These are the questions I ask myself regularly. […]

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It’s Not About A Title

I loathe the end of the school year. I cannot stand goodbyes. It has gotten to the point that I don’t even go to commencement because I do not trust that I won’t break down into tears. Frankly, I hate endings. There is, however, one moment I relish even less: Student Staff Leadership Announcement Day […]

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THAT Time Of Year….Uh–Gain!

It’s April.  Big deal you say.  But for many it is a big deal.  It is the time of year when a special species roams randomly around the country on a quest to find a new home.  This species has a varying life-span.  For some members of the species they have been on this quest […]

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