“To Boldly Go”…year 25

I remember thinking: “I have never stayed anywhere longer than 4 years other than the house I grew up in.”

I remember thinking: “5 years already? Wow!”

I remember thinking: “How did 10 years go by so fast?”

I remember thinking: “I wish George was still here to celebrate 20 years with Jim and I.”

And now that year 25 at the helm of the UDMB is underway–with a sonic boom I might add!–all I can think is: “SLOW YOUR ROLL LIFE!!”

“You seem to always get the band you need. Maybe not always the band you were expecting, but always the one you need.”Scott Barber

You were correct Scott. In fact, you nailed it. I did not get the band I was expecting–I got something far better! And it is without any hesitation and not a single doubt that it is the one I need this year. The 2019 UDMB is outstanding. Outstanding in their work ethic, talent level, and desire to learn. Most importantly however, it is their ATTITUDE that is off the charts! And the Rookies?!?!?! OMG! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

There are great adventures and experiences ahead for this year’s band. At the end of the day it is, has been, and will always be about the STUDENTS. Yes, sure it’s my 25th season at UD but that really isn’t what it has EVER been about. It is about creating positive life impacting experiences for the students that they would never have if not for being in the UDMB.

To boldly go indeed…..

(–we added an additional photographer to the team this year: photo credits to Connor Rydland. Oh what fun he is going to bring to the organization!)